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Dec 01

Fastpoint Games Announces offical launch as parent company to Rotohog

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New Entity will Leverage RotoHog’s Rich Heritage in Fantasy Sports and Expand Learnings into Entertainment, Social Media, MMO, Politics and Regulated Gaming Markets

LOS ANGELES, November 29, 2010 — Fastpoint Games (, a developer of data-driven games for businesses in the fortune 500 set, today announced its official launch as the parent company of well-known fantasy sports developer, RotoHog. Under the Fastpoint Games banner, the company will apply RotoHog’s deep understanding of how to create rapidly configurable games using structured data to drive consumer engagement to help brands in other markets like social media, entertainment, MMO, politics and regulated gaming, create games that will grow their audience, engage their users and monetize more effectively than ever before.

“My goal is to introduce the company to new markets that haven’t yet realized the potential value of utilizing live data-driven games to drive participation from their audience,” said Kelly Perdew, CEO of Fastpoint Games. “Those we work with find tremendous value in our model and services.”
For the past 14 months, the company has leveraged its proven technology platform to power games outside of the fantasy sports segment and successfully made traction in the entertainment and casual games space. We have partnered with social media platforms including hi5, Facebook and MySpace, and released 58 games for 16 clients across 21 sports and entertainment seasons for marquee clients including US Weekly, NASCAR, ABC, Los Angeles Times, Go and Sports Illustrated online, to name a few.

“We set out to develop a fun and engaging experience to bring our readers’ interest in celebrity to gaming. Together with Fastpoint Games we developed our Celebrity Fantasy League, now entering its third season,” said Romina Rosado, Executive Producer for “Fastpoint Games is a great partner and made this a turnkey experience for us.”

Fastpoint Games processes millions of bits of data each day and leverages a proprietary cloud-based platform that is inherently more flexible, scalable, and technologically savvy. The proven format allows products to integrate across multiple channels; every component is configurable, making it easy for clients to make changes based on real-time data and feedback from consumers. The company’s experience in developing this type of game, allows for a quick turnaround from concept to delivery, and enables marketers in virtually any industry to meet business goals quickly and effectively.

“During this year’s World Cup, Fastpoint Games engaged a million active players on hi5 by launching their soccer game, World Futbol Challenge, on our platform,” said Kevin Gliner, senior vice president of production at hi5. “Fastpoint Games provides quality, scalable content that our large audience base enjoys playing, and we look forward to bringing more of their games to the hi5 platform. “

The casual games market is estimated to hit $2.25 billion a year with a projected growth of 20 percent annually. According to a recent Nielsen NetView study, Americans spend more time playing games online than interacting with e-mail, logging more than 407 million hours each month.

Fastpoint Games is a privately held company and recently secured $3.9 million in Series C funding from VC fund Mission Ventures. Previous investors include DFJ Dragon, Allen & Company, and SCP Worldwide.

About Fastpoint Games

Fastpoint Games is a leading developer of live data-driven games for the fortune 500 brand set. The company’s award-winning, highly scalable platform and games-as-a-service model enable marquee brands such as US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times, Go Daddy and MySpace to provide their fans compelling games, across their channels quickly and with minimal resources. Data-driven games invest users in client content and services by making that content central to the entertainment experience and applying motivating game mechanics to engage, reward and monetize their users. Fastpoint Games is privately held and based in Los Angeles, Calif. Investors include Allen & Co, Mission Ventures, DFJ Dragon and Sports Capital Partners Worldwide.

For more information about Fastpoint Games visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @fastpointgames.

Media Contact:
Katie Gerber
Atomic PR for Fastpoint Games

Dec 01

Gaming expected to grow 20%, what brands can do to engage

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Whether on social networks, mobile apps or gaming hubs, consumers around the globe are engaging with games. But, unlike the past, most gamers aren’t playing solitary games, they are playing branded games in social atmospheres. Not all games are created equally, however, so brands need to know what works and what doesn’t before they log on.

by Kristina Knight

Casual games brings in more than $2 billion each year with an expected annual growth rate of 20%.

“I think that more people are comfortable with game dynamics, the engagement with Facebook and the social games inside is building that comfort level even more,” said Kelly Perdew, CEO of Fastpoint Games. “Game mechanics are applicable over more than just games. We’re looking at more sophisticated rewards programs, educational elements, training programs. Gamer mechanics drive behavior and large organizations are seeing that now. Content hooks [consumers] and once they see the fun factor, they become even more involved.”

What’s more the theory behind gaming can be translated to work within a number of other revenue streams by sending branded messages through a game to engaged consumers.

Fastpoint Games is the leader in fantasy sports games with users averaging 9:40 and just over 10 pageviews per visit. The company has launched 57 games for 15 clients across 21 sports/entertainment seasons over the past 14 months.

“Right now people are becoming very comfortable using micro-payments to play games,” said Perdew. “We have seen that ‘freemium’ models actually generate more revenue than revenue from people playing premium models. Even though [gamers] are making payments that are 1/20th the amount [of premium players], over the course of the game play, we are getting more revenue.”

So, allowing gamers to play for free is one thing brands need to consider while they are in the game creation phase. Another tip, think about where consumers will play, and make allowances based on screen size.

“A lot of people think that Brand A can create the same feel from a desktop [ game] in a mobile device, but mobile is a different place,” said Perdew. “Efforts need to be focused on the things that mobile users want to do on their mobile device - not on the whole game, because putting an entire game on a mobile screen isn’t feasible and won’t transfer.”

Perdew suggests that mobile will become a bigger playing on the gaming front as smartphones become more widespread.

“Users want what they want when they want it. If they want to play a game, they want to play at that moment and not later on,” said Perdew.

Dec 01

RotoHog to use Fastpoint name for B2B

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Fantasy sports outfit RotoHog has restructured the company to include a new brand name, Fastpoint Games, for its games development business.

The company’s business-to-business segment will carry the new name, with key clients including NASCAR, Sports Illustrated, the United Football League and others well outside the sports industry. The RotoHog brand will be used exclusively for consumer-facing fantasy sports games.

“RotoHog has really strong awareness in the core sports fantasy gaming space, but among our enterprise clients, particularly outside of sports, it actually was something of a liability,” said Kelly Perdew, chief executive for the Los Angeles-based company. “‘Built by RotoHog’ wasn’t necessarily something you wanted with a game like the one we’ve built for Us Magazine and caters almost exclusively to women.”

The new name, logo and corporate identity for Fastpoint Games was developed internally, largely under the guidance of Katrina Osio, who was hired by Perdew earlier this year to be the company’s head of marketing.

“Fastpoint Games is simply something that has a much better, much more versatile, enterprise-type feel,” Perdew said. “It cuts across our various sectors and genres much better. We don’t have to explain away to people what RotoHog means anymore.”

With the split of RotoHog and Fastpoint Games, the company also has closed an additional round of venture capital funding, for an undisclosed amount of money. Roughly a year ago, the company secured a $2 million Series C round of funding from longtime backer Mission Ventures. A separate $2 million Series B round in March 2009 also involved Mission Ventures. The company’s core group of investors also is leading the new round, Perdew said, and a formal announcement of the funding is expected later this year.

Nov 22

Open Letter #7 from Kelly Perdew, CEO, Fastpoint Games (formerly RotoHog)

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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

’Tis the season for sports, turkey and thanks. On that note, I want to take this opportunity to thank RotoHog’s partners, vendors, investors and employees for contributing to our most productive year ever and share some new and exciting developments.

First, we repositioned the company and will be doing business as Fastpoint Games moving forward. Fastpoint Games is focused on building live, data-driven, multi-platform games for clients to engage, reward and monetize their audience. By leveraging our fantasy sports expertise in developing games around statistics and live scoring, we are able to provide clients gaming solutions around any set of live, structured data to deeply engage, reward and monetize their audiences.

Second, a year ago we set some very aggressive goals for our company: extend our reach to new business sectors, broaden our game offering to include social and casual solutions around any set of structured data, expand our international presence, and streamline our proprietary game platform to deliver quality, scalable and flexible solutions for our clients quickly. I am proud to report that we made significant strides in each of these areas.

• Since launching our new platform, just over a year ago, we have developed and operated an impressive 58 games for 16 clients, across 21 sports and entertainment seasons.

• When I last wrote in June, we had recently launched games for Us Weekly and “The Bachelor.” Since then we delivered casual sports games for Sports Illustrated, Bloomberg Sports, and the Los Angeles Times; extended fantasy sports games to new niche sports including games for UFL and AVP; and, continue our casual game solution for the entertainment sector with a second season of Celebrity Fantasy League and a soon-to-be announced game for the MMO gaming audience.

• We extended our experience and offering in social gaming mechanics; developing and operating several games in Facebook, hi5 and MySpace.

• Since June, we released three games introducing international players to fantasy sports, collectively reaching over one and a half million users across Asia, Latin America and Europe. Games revolved around World Cup and the English Premier League matches.

• We implemented several “best practices” and configurable game formats to streamline our game development process and can move from contract to game delivery in as little as four weeks, without compromising quality.

• In the last two months, we introduced a new syndicated gaming option for independent publishers who desire a turn-key game solution. More than 12 companies have already opted for this model and there are more on the horizon.

• Additionally, the team extended our monetization solutions beyond freemium and premium models to include virtual goods.

While we embrace our heritage and continue to power award-wining fantasy games, we look forward to the exciting challenges ahead as we move onward with this venture and expand our reach to other industries that want to use online games to interact and engage with their customers. Stay tuned for more news about new partnerships, expanded social gaming solutions and further developments in the international market.

As always, thanks for your continued support, it is very much appreciated. If there is anything we can assist with or questions we can answer please do not hesitate to reach out. And I’d love your feedback on our new look and feel at

Kelly Perdew
CEO, Fastpoint Games

Sep 09

RotoHog Syndicates Fantasy Football Salary Cap Game For Bloggers And Online Network

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New offering from one of the world’s fastest growing game developers enables any independent publisher the ability to brand their own high impact fantasy football game at no cost

LOS ANGELES, CA—(Marketwire – August 25, 2010)- RotoHog, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative fantasy sports and entertainment game operators and developers, today unveiled their latest product offering, a syndicated version of their award-winning, Fantasy Football Salary Cap game for independent publishers. The new game is first in a series of sports and entertainment games to be syndicated in the coming months.

As consumer content engagement continues to shift towards niche sites and games, RotoHog recognized the opportunity to extend its games-as-a-service model to deliver a turnkey solution for publishers who search for new ways to engage and monetize their audiences without the expense of licensing or managing a game themselves.

RotoHog has been developing and operating custom and configurable games for some of the world’s leading media and sports companies, and in so doing has developed a highly scaleable, sophisticated gaming platform. “We are excited to be offering an accessible gaming solution for an expanding market,” said Kelly Perdew, RotoHog CEO. “Our syndicated model will provide our associates an engaging, branded game experience and introduce new audiences to the quality of our games.”

The syndicated Fantasy Football Salary Cap game launches this week with SportsFanLive, the premier sports content and social network, dozens of independent bloggers, and Weplay, the leading online youth sports network participating.

Publishers that join the RotoHog’s Associate Program, will have access to personalization and marketing tools to co-brand the RotoHog games and share in the revenue generated by their audiences.

RotoHog is currently accepting applications and inquiries for their syndicated Football Salary Cap game. For more information go to or email

Aug 10


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Fantasy football games with and Los Angeles Times, an Us Weekly Celebrity Fantasy Game, a new Premier League fantasy game with hi5, as well as a series of RotoHog fantasy football games, all on tap in August

LOS ANGELES, CA—(Marketwire – August 10, 2010) RotoHog, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative fantasy sports and entertainment game operators and developers for major brands, today unveiled the first of a series of new partner games using the SCP(TM) platform. The games, which include a celebrity fantasy game with Us Weekly, a military-focused fantasy football game for, a casual fantasy football game for the Los Angeles Times, a Premier League fantasy soccer offering with and white label fantasy games under the RotoHog brand, represent the most aggressive and widespread use of the RotoHog customizable game platform for partners at one time. The RotoHog-created games will touch over 50 million fantasy and entertainment game enthusiasts by Labor Day.

“This product release is a great example of how diverse the business has become in the last few years, and we are proud to be able to partner with such a wide group of elite brands to deliver a high level experience, whether you have an interest in celebrity, football, or soccer,” said Kelly Perdew, CEO of RotoHog. “ We also recognize that there are so many quality sites out there that are small and looking for content, so we have developed syndicated versions of RotoHog-branded football games for smaller or growing sites to co-brand and offer their subscribers. It will show that no matter who the partner is…major media company or hard working independent fantasy site…we have a platform that can work.”

The new offerings include:

Us Weekly – For Wenner Media’s – the companion website to Us Weekly – RotoHog created the one-of-a-kind Celebrity Fantasy League which launches August 16 tied to a major mobile sponsor. In the CFL, fans get to play Hollywood agent and pick a roster of celebrities to put on their team. Each week they decide who to “start” and who keep in the Dressing Room. Fans score fantasy points when their chosen stars show up in the pages of the magazine, or on the website. Now in season II, the popular game increases migration from the magazine to the website and further engages fans into the Us Weekly brand. Find the game at – RotoHog is proud to build on the success of last season’s customized Salary Cap Fantasy Football game for – a news and entertainment portal for active armed forces and veterans. Players can play in private, public or global leagues for prizes, with branches of service competing with each other for the ultimate bragging rights. Find the game at:

hi5 EPL – Season starts 8/15: On the heels of the resounding success with the hi5 World Futbol Challenge (which had over one million participants), RotoHog and the leading social network for games created the very unique Confidence Pick ‘Em fantasy soccer/futebol/futbol game around the English Premier League. The EPL game allows players to use hi5 coins to buy Points Packs and place points on the outcome of each match. There is a global leaderboard, a friend leaderboard and the opportunity to earn virtual trophies and give virtual gifts to fellow players. Find the game at:

Los Angeles Times – Pro Football Pick ‘Em – Season starts 9/9: Returning for its second year, and now powered by RotoHog’s SCPÔ, Pro Football Pick “Em, is a weekly casual fantasy football game which complements the enormously popular and respected sporting news coverage and commentary from The Times. The game enables Times Sports’ readers to register a team, create or join an existing league, invite friends and pick game winners. The game will be available at

RotoHog has built some of the most advanced, fantasy games ever, which will soon be available to smaller platforms looking for a turn-key gaming solution to offer and engage their audiences.
The first will be:

RotoHog Salary Cap Fantasy Football: Set up for commissioner leagues, individual play in fantasy cash leagues and global fantasy leagues, the addicting style of the game keeps players involved every day of the week – not just Sunday mornings.


RotoHog builds powerful, award-winning games around any set of structured data (statistics, website activity, appearances on magazine covers, ticket sales, song downloads, etc.) for media partners such as BloombergSports, Sports Illustrated,, NASCAR.COM, Turner Digital,, Los Angeles Times, Pro Football Weekly, AVP, Fox Sports International, UsWeekly and MySpace. Their gaming platform allows major brands and media companies to engage and monetize their audiences via a Games as a Service model. RotoHog is privately held, and based in Los Angeles, CA. Investors include Allen & Co, Mission Ventures, DFJ Dragon and Sports Capital Partners Worldwide.

For more information on RotoHog, or to sign up for league play, please visit
Media Contact:
Joe Favorito

Jun 22

Game Changer

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‘Apprentice’ champion turned fantasy sports website into major player by adjusting the game plan.

By Alfred Lee, LA Business Journal link: Game Changer Story with Photos

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today, RotoHog hardly bears a resemblance to the fantasy sports website Kelly Perdew took the reins of in June 2008.

The Westchester company has recently made a name for itself as a creator of fantasy games for other businesses, including Sporting News, NASCAR and Us Weekly. But it was initially launched in 2006 as a stand-alone game site that could compete directly with fantasy sports giants like ESPN and Yahoo Sports.

The 43-year-old Perdew was brought on as the company’s new chief executive two years ago with one main objective: to make it profitable. His resume included running companies such as amateur sports website, but he’s perhaps best known as the winner of season two of the NBC reality television show “The Apprentice.” He beat other contestants for the chance to work for Donald Trump under a 14-month contract.

Almost immediately after arriving at RotoHog, he put into motion a complete transformation of the company’s strategy.

“I don’t think a lot of people could have pulled it off,” said Kent Smetters, who co-founded the company with his partner David Wu. “Kelly evolved the model into a different kind of company.” went live in early 2007 offering fantasy leagues for the National Football League, Major League Baseball and other sports with a twist. To make the leagues more competitive and protect against bad trades among contestants, each player was valued in a unique stock exchange.

However, despite raising about $9 million, the site struggled for nearly two years. The problem? Perdew saw that bigger competitors such as ESPN had a captive audience by virtue of their news content, whereas at the end of the football or baseball season, RotoHog’s users left the site.

“They had spent a significant amount of money to drive eyeballs to the website,” Perdew said, “but there was no path to profitability.”

However, Perdew knew that ESPN and other competitors such as Fox Sports were running their games on older computer platforms that would likely need significant upgrades in a few years. He saw an opportunity for the company to reposition itself from a fantasy sports website to a games provider for other brands, moving from a consumer model to a business-to-business model.

“So I said, OK, we should become a platform that could basically replace their entire back end,” he recalled.

Not only that, Perdew moved for the company to expand its games beyond sports to broaden its appeal to other industries that want to use online games to interact with their customers.

After selling RotoHog’s board on the idea, Perdew had the company hunker down for a year while it developed a new Internet platform that could serve as the template for scores of websites.

Within the first three months, he had let go of 25 of the company’s 40 employees, many of whom had been hired to build content for a website that was no longer the focus. But the head count went back up to about 30 as he hired a new team of software developers.

“Don’t mention that time to any of the guys here,” he said, referring to the turmoil.

In September 2009, after more than a year of development, RotoHog launched its new platform. In the 9 months since, it’s developed 37 games for other companies, including those in the entertainment, consumer brands and gaming industries.

Online future

Among the games are one developed for ABC reality television show “The Bachelor,” which features trivia questions and gives out sponsored prizes, encouraging users to go back and watch old episodes online to get the answers. Another for Us Weekly allows fans to guess who will be featured in the magazine.

“I think more brands and more webites are looking at different ways to engage readers, and gaming for a certain demographic is interesting,” said Romina Rosado, executive producer of

The company has also been working on a fantasy game on Facebook for newly launched Bloomberg Sports, which sells sports analysis to fans and fantasy players. The game will challenge users to pick successful hitters and will go live by the end of June.

Bill Squadron, the head of Bloomberg Sports, said the idea behind the game was to encourage users to buy the company’s baseball analytics for a leg up on the competition.

“Hopefully that’ll both let them know about it and drive sales of that product, and at the end of the day that’s the real goal we have,” he said. “You’re going to see a big number of major brands experimenting with this in different ways.”

RotoHog hasn’t yet reached profitability, but Perdew said the company is “this close.” Competitors such as Fanball also provide fantasy games for other companies, but Perdew claims no other providers cut across as many industries.

Another edge appears to be Perdew himself. He said the recognition from being on “The Apprentice” has helped the company get exposure through media coverage and speaking engagements. It’s even helped get meetings with potential investors.

“We’re pretty much able to get to anybody we need to talk to about stuff,” he said. “It’s a nice icebreaker for discussions. People are always asking me what’s up with Donald’s hair. I never answer that question.”




CORE BUSINESS: Creates and manages online games for varied clients.

EMPLOYEES: 30 (up from 15 in 2008)

GOAL: Profitability.

THE NUMBERS: More than $1 million in revenue in the last 12 months.

Jun 09

RotoHog CEO, Kelly Perdew, Open Letter

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I hope this note finds you well. It has been some time since we updated you on the progress we are making with RotoHog and our new partners and applications, and with three of our newest partners launching games two in last two weeks for World Cup and one in the very near future for baseball, we wanted to provide you with an update on our continued progress as one of the world’s fastest growing and most efficient developers of white label games for high level media properties both in sports and entertainment.

When I last wrote, we had just launched two very successful games in the entertainment field, one with US Weekly (Season 2 is starting soon: and the other for “The Bachelor.” Those games have been very successful as brand extensions both for the magazine and for the reality show series, and they have led to another series of games that will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

However as you know our biggest focus has been in the sports world. Our continued work in producing games for, Pro Football Weekly, Turner Digital and has led to more work in the space, with the afore mentioned new partners. In the last few weeks we have been able to secure a deal to develop a Facebook game for BloombergSports, the recently launched consumer arm of one of the world’s most successful business data analysis brands. This new game, which will be launched in the coming weeks, will take Bloomberg’s new consumer baseball analysis product and give all the data a new fan-friendly platform that can be used by millions of followers and fans of baseball on Facebook. It will be a fun and very easy application that we think will expose this high functioning and very elaborate product BloombergSports has created to a new, wider level of engaged baseball consumer, and we are very proud to be working with them on the project.

Our other two new developments are for the coming World Cup. The first is another Facebook application, this one with Sports Illustrated allows fans to handicap their favorite countries throughout the World Cup draw, giving a new legion of digital soccer fans the ability to enjoy the world’s largest sports spectacle online like never before. You can play it here:

Our second World Cup application is on a more global level with hi5, the largest social entertainment site for games in the world. We launched “The World Futbol Challenge” for hi5’s 50 million global users. The game, which is featured on leading into the start of World Cup, is a confidence “pick em’ game, which gives the user the ability to earn added points in a pari-mutuel-like pool for picks they feel are the real value. Make your own picks here: Both these games for our two new partners continue to support our plan of global expansion for all of our games.

Soccer is the fastest-growing sport outside the United States in the fantasy space, and by working with these two premier brands to build their games, we are confident that our position on a global basis will be just as strong as we currently are domestically. When the world’s media companies look to build games, Rotohog will be their partner of choice.

Again these are just some of the new projects we are undertaking as the spring continues along. We are having another solid quarter in challenging times, and are looking forward to continued expansion both in sports and entertainment as the year plays out.

As always, thanks for your support and input, it is invaluable as we grow our business and it is very much welcomed. If there is anything we can assist with or questions we can answer please do not hesitate to ask.



Mar 16

Open CEO Letter,, March 2010

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Hello Friends and Colleagues:

March is perhaps the most interesting time of year for sports and entertainment fans in general, as virtually every sport or area of entertainment is engaging its audience at some point. From the NFL Combine to the start of baseball, as well as March Madness, NASCAR and soccer in the sports world to the Academy Awards in entertainment, there is perhaps no busier or more exciting month on the calendar. For all of us at RotoHog, the levels of fan interest and engagement at this time of year are never higher, and all the projects we are now involved with are reflective of both what the consumers are looking for and where we have grown as a company in the sports and entertainment space. Here are some great examples of all the fan engagement areas we are touching in such a busy month:

BASEBALL. In baseball, spring training is now in full bloom, which means fantasy baseball is now upon us. Our crowd favorite Stock Exchange Baseball game is available for those of you that like to “play the market” and we have launched our first ever League Manager Fantasy Baseball game here: League Manager 2010 offers traditional commissioner style draft and trade products to the fantasy enthusiast at a reduced price and we also offer our first ever Salary Cap Baseball game on RotoHog. All games include cash competitions!

BASKETBALL. In college and NBA hoops, we launched the March Madness NCAA bracket application for MySpace (Go Wildcats!); and we continue to run the very popular NBA Stock Exchange with our partner Turner Sports.

NASCAR. As NASCAR continues to rev around the country, our recently launched NASCAR Stock Exchange game is doing well on Turner’s platform.

I’m proud to say our team has created, developed and launched 26 games on our new platform since the last football season.

ENTERTAINMENT. We continue our expansion into the entertainment vertical with the March 2nd launch of the Us Weekly Celebrity Fantasy League. The game challenges user knowledge of which celebs will be making or breaking news. To get in on the action, users create a team of 25 celebrities they think will be in the news the most during a given week. Each week players put 10 stars from their team that they think will make the magazine and be featured on on the Red Carpet, while the other 15 hang out in your Dressing Room.

Those are just the latest projects on top of all the other work we are doing building and implementing games and applications for our partners around the world. With all this great work and expansion across so many platforms, we have added some new members to our team, including Jeff Daniel, who recently joined us after helping ESPN and FOX Digital build their fantasy platforms. Jeff’s addition gives us another experienced leader who can help us continue to manage and expand all the work we are doing with such a wide array of partners.

As we have said in the past and it continues to be true, we are still just getting started. A recent piece in the Sports Business Journal pointed to the continued growth of casual gaming, an area in which we will be expanding over the next few months. The World Cup and other international events will provide us with some great opportunities to show the versatility of our platform, and we are looking forward to also expanding even more into the entertainment space. We have seen interest growing for games like we are running for Us Weekly and The Rose Ceremony game we just finished with our TV Network partner.

Yes, March is a very crowded and exciting month for the sports and entertainment fan, and we share that excitement from a business perspective. Our recent work has again shown that our model is working and growing, and we know that will continue with more exciting news and new partners in the coming months.

As always thanks for your time and support, and let us know what else we can do to assist you. Enjoy the games!



Kelly Perdew

Feb 10

NASCAR Stock Exchange Market Live Today — RotoHog Sports Market Ticker(TM) is HOT!

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