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linkedinlogo The following references from my business associates are taken from my profile on LinkedIn. I’ve been using LinkedIn as the tool for managing my professional relationships and reputation since August 2003. All of my references have profiles on LinkedIn too. You can learn more about them by viewing my full profile on LinkedIn. If you’re not a LinkedIn user, click here to sign up for free.

Kelly’s service to the United States Army was exceptional. He was a young, intelligent, energetic officer who tackled, with ease I might add, challenges that far exceeded those expected of a junior officer. Anyone who knows and or has worked with Kelly is aware that he possesses unquestioned integrity and inherent courage to do what is right.
– Andrew Hergenrother (Kelly’s commander in the Army)

Only work with Kelly if you want someone who is strategically brilliant, tactically adept, relentless and creative. This guy makes it happen. I have had the privilege of working with Kelly on a number of projects in the past and we have more planned for the near future. Unqualified recommendation.
– Dan Shmalo (Kelly’s business associate)

I have known Kelly Perdew for over 10 years. I have been an investor in his companies, a colleague, and a business partner, and I have not met his equal in terms of bringing a combination of energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and wit to any project. As a communicator, he is direct, concise, and fearless. You can always rely on him to tell it as it is, not as you would like it to be. He is also an avid and generous networker who never ceases trying to connect the right people together to maximize value creation for projects in which he becomes involved in any capacity.
– Jon Kraft (Kelly’s investor, co-worker and business partner)

Top-level performer. Demands and delivers excellence! Great to work with.
– Manel Sweetmore (Kelly’s co-worker)

Kelly proved that his approach to sales-based networking would inevitably lead to CoreObjects success. He set out to prove it and the results speak for themselves. Further they have sustained themselves over time - the truest measurement of all!
– Jay Smith (Advisor to CoreObjects)

I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly on three different occasions now. Kelly is a great motivator and a great client/person to work with. Knows exactly what and how he wants things.
– Scott Scriver (Kelly’s vendor)

When I needed to grow our one-market operation nationally, Kelly was the first call I made. Superb strategic mind, relentless attention to detail, and top notch negotiation skills. Best of all, a fun person to work with.
– Jeremy Gocke (Kelly’s business partner)

Kelly is a brilliant entrepreneur and accomplished manager. He is extremely effective in all aspects of business development. As his direct report, I learned a great deal and grew immensely as a business professional.
– Ken Barbieri (Kelly’s direct report at eteamz)

Kelly is a serious, driven and intelligent businessman.
– Matthew Burgess (Kelly’s business associate)

I would recommend Kelly Perdew without hesitation, and would eagerly work side by side with him again in any entrepreneurial venture. Kelly’s involvement and insight in the growth and development of eteamz was critical. He played a central role as a senior executive of the company in numerous functional areas including: capital raising, strategy, business development and merger/acquisition.
– Gary Weinhouse (Kelly’s co-worker)

Kelly was instrumental in the success of eteamz. He played a key role in many aspects of the business, particularly in multiple rounds of financing and the sale of the business. He’s an extremely intelligent, articulate and hard-working guy who injects passion, commitment and excellence into any team he’s working on. I highly recommend him.
– Brian Johnson (Kelly’s boss at eteamz)

Hard-working, entrepreneurial, with strong business acumen. Proven ability to lead people and deliver results.
– Ed English (Kelly’s boss at Deloitte Consulting)

Kelly is a can do, make it happen guy. He is high energy and will really drive any business to success.
– Norman Wolfe (Fellow Board Member at PDMA)

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