My 100 year-old Grandpa taught me and my brothers to fly-fish when I was 10 years old. Nothing beats hiking back into the beaver dams in the Rockies to catch rainbow trout. I’ve fished Elkhorn Creek in Kentucky, the Platte River in Wyoming and all the Beaver Dams above Red Feather Lake in Colorado. It’s a relaxing and awesome time.


I would love to understand why this sport is so addicting. But I don’t. It just is.

Coaching kids’ basketball

Coaching kids’ basketball was an amazing experience, and I’d like to share one of my favorite moments: The first team I coached had a mix of boys and girls, and going into the championship game, everyone on our team had scored at least one basket during the season except the smallest girl, Gali, who was 10 years old at the time. With 20 seconds left in the game, we called a timeout and huddled. We all knew we had one last chance to get Gali her basket, and the kids relished the challenge. The ball flew in-bounds to our top player, and the other team swarmed around him. We had set it up so Gali would be alone under the basket, and she was. The ball somehow got to her with only a few seconds on the clock, she must have taken 5 extra steps hopping around trying to get the right feel for the shot, but the refs let it go and the ball went up. Gali had not made a lay-up, even in practice, all year, and it must have been the adrenaline of the moment that even enabled her to muscle the ball higher than the rim. It must have bounced (I’m not exaggerating) 6 or seven times on the rim and the backboard, before finally rolling in as the buzzer sounded. The crowd went absolutely crazy. Although the game (and championship) had long been won, the crowd somehow caught on to what we were doing in that last play, and even if they didn’t realize just how unlikely and special the basket was, the magic of the moment took over, and the gym shook. I was hooked on coaching from then on.


After blowing out my Achilles tendon playing hoops a couple of years ago (yes, a good indicator you’re getting older!) a good friend of mine encouraged me to train for a mini-triathlon as part of rehab. I loved the training and the race was a blast. I’m looking forward to continuing the training and competing in races for years to come.

Fantasy Football

Jim Rome summed it up best: “Nothing is less interesting than someone else’s fantasy football team.” So I won’t bore you with this one. But I’ve really had a blast playing in a Fantasy Football league with my brothers and best friends.

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