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Jan 28


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Jan 27

Fantasy Sports Trade Association Conference - Jan. 27-28

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Kelly is a panelist at the 2009 FSTA Conference in St. Petersburgh, FL. He will be speaking about the Globalization of Fantasy Sports.

Jan 26

Sports Business Daily Article!

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Lance Barrow, the coordinating producer of The NFL on CBS and of golf, had a bit part in “Tin Cup.” He said, “Like Leonardo DiCaprio after ‘Titanic,’ I felt a little burnt out on the movie industry. But right now I’m waiting for the right role.” As he waits, he guided CBS through the NFL playoffs and was named Abilene Christian University’s alumnus of the year. The multi-Emmy winner was a 1978 communications graduate and played football and baseball there. … Ryan Merriman, Aidan Quinn and Andie MacDowell will star in “The 5th Quarter,” a feature film set for May release about linebacker Jon Abbate, who led Wake Forest after the death of his 15-year-old brother.
Marc Pollick may not be a movie star, but he’s “in heaven” as his son Joel stars for the Wellesley High (Mass.) basketball team. The senior guard has led his Raiders to five straight wins. The Giving Back Fund president said, “I’m beaming.” … Kelly Perdew, CEO of sports fantasy site and former “Apprentice” winner, married Dawn DuMont, an interactive advertising executive. The couple streamed their wedding ceremony live from the Wynn in Las Vegas to friends and family worldwide, but they were unable to sell a title sponsorship and the honeymoon video rights were unavailable.

Jan 24 Launches New World Cup 2010 Game on Facebook

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We just launched our new Worldcup 2010 Qualifier Game on Facebook! Please check it out, invite your friends who love soccer, pick your favorite country and give us feedback on the game! Thanks, Kelly

Jan 21

2009 Sports Law Symposium

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I will be on a panel this Friday talking about “The Future of Sports Business” at the University of Florida School of Law. See agenda and other speakers here.

Jan 19

5 Tips for Effective Networking

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Over 90% of all jobs are found through networking. That’s right, over 90%. Don’t believe me? How did you find out about your current job? Did someone in the company know you? Did one of your friends or colleagues tell you about the job? In all likelihood one or more of these things occurred. Eight years ago (after the Internet bubble burst!) I co-founded and led as the CEO an event production company called The Layoff Lounge. We produced more than 150 events for job seekers, recruiters and hiring companies. There are some steadfast rules to networking that I employed in these settings and they have shown remarkable results. Here are five tips for networking effectively:

1. Get Out There. Whatever it is you’re trying to network for…a job, more sales, or even a soul mate…you have to get out there to be seen and grow your network so that you can assist others and they can assist you. Find all of the events in your area related to your target and get involved with them. You are guaranteed not to meet anyone sitting at home watching television! This is the first step to successful networking.

2. Listen. Networking isn’t about telling others what they can do for you. You need to listen carefully in order to figure out the best way to help someone else. By helping someone else, you’re actually helping two people – both the people you are connecting. And guess what, they’ll feel indebted to you for the assistance and you’ll be at the forefront of their mind.

3. Focus. Don’t try and tell everyone your life story! Boring… Before any networking function you attend, determine what exactly it is you want to accomplish. Make an actual list of the 2-3 things you want to accomplish and stay focused on them during the event. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should ignore a great opportunity if it presents itself but wasn’t on the list. If you really focus like a single rifle shot, you’ll find that you will have much better luck and be more productive networking than when you go into the event with no plan and a shotgun spray approach.

4. Follow Through. If you say you’re going to help someone by connecting them to someone with a potential job or someone with a shared interest, do it. If you say you are going to call them before Thursday, do it. Otherwise, don’t say it. The worst thing you can do is offer to help and then renege. This network that you let down is the one that is supposed to help you when you need it. If you don’t perform, they’ll see that and never connect you with something you need.

5. Use Technology. There are various networking sites that allow you to search you very own network more effectively than trying to remember everyone you know. My favorite is LinkedIn because it is easy to use and has always provided me with great contacts. Facebook can work but is more of a social environment than a work environment. Regardless of which one you use, get online and create your profile so that others can find you. Make sure you are accurate and you keep it up to date.

Good luck!


Jan 16

My Wedding!!!!!

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At the altar!

At the altar!

Jan 12

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I was asked today what are the most common errors made by first-time entrepreneurs and here is my list:

1. Financing. Don’t be undercapitalized. Raise more money that you need and spend like you didn’t raise enough.
2. Product. Don’t sacrifice time to market striving for perfection. This is obviously industry specific, but you should get something up asap and start getting feedback from your customers. A month in production and that feedback is worth more than a year in development.
3. People. Don’t scrimp on people. Get the best people involved.
a. Employees. Get people to work for equity (easier to do now than ever). Conserve as much cash as possible.
b. Advisors. Get an array of firepower in this section. Typically, the bigger the name, the less work they do.
c. Influencers. Befriend the influencers in the industry and make them part of your team. Co-opt them however you can.
4. Customers. You DO NOT know more than your customer. LISTEN always.
5. Plan and Measure. If you don’t have a plan that you’re measuring against, how do you know how well you’re doing? How do you know when to change direction? How do you even know which direction you’re going?

Let me know what you think!

Jan 06

Go Daddy Fantasy Football Playoff Game on Facebook

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RotoHog launched our first FB application last week sponsored by Go Daddy and people seem to like it. Even though my Broncos didn’t make the playoffs, it is still a fun game! Check out the GAME and let me know what you think.

You can also still get in with a team and create your own league.

Jan 05

Video - Interview

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