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Mar 16

Open CEO Letter,, March 2010

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Hello Friends and Colleagues:

March is perhaps the most interesting time of year for sports and entertainment fans in general, as virtually every sport or area of entertainment is engaging its audience at some point. From the NFL Combine to the start of baseball, as well as March Madness, NASCAR and soccer in the sports world to the Academy Awards in entertainment, there is perhaps no busier or more exciting month on the calendar. For all of us at RotoHog, the levels of fan interest and engagement at this time of year are never higher, and all the projects we are now involved with are reflective of both what the consumers are looking for and where we have grown as a company in the sports and entertainment space. Here are some great examples of all the fan engagement areas we are touching in such a busy month:

BASEBALL. In baseball, spring training is now in full bloom, which means fantasy baseball is now upon us. Our crowd favorite Stock Exchange Baseball game is available for those of you that like to “play the market” and we have launched our first ever League Manager Fantasy Baseball game here: League Manager 2010 offers traditional commissioner style draft and trade products to the fantasy enthusiast at a reduced price and we also offer our first ever Salary Cap Baseball game on RotoHog. All games include cash competitions!

BASKETBALL. In college and NBA hoops, we launched the March Madness NCAA bracket application for MySpace (Go Wildcats!); and we continue to run the very popular NBA Stock Exchange with our partner Turner Sports.

NASCAR. As NASCAR continues to rev around the country, our recently launched NASCAR Stock Exchange game is doing well on Turner’s platform.

I’m proud to say our team has created, developed and launched 26 games on our new platform since the last football season.

ENTERTAINMENT. We continue our expansion into the entertainment vertical with the March 2nd launch of the Us Weekly Celebrity Fantasy League. The game challenges user knowledge of which celebs will be making or breaking news. To get in on the action, users create a team of 25 celebrities they think will be in the news the most during a given week. Each week players put 10 stars from their team that they think will make the magazine and be featured on on the Red Carpet, while the other 15 hang out in your Dressing Room.

Those are just the latest projects on top of all the other work we are doing building and implementing games and applications for our partners around the world. With all this great work and expansion across so many platforms, we have added some new members to our team, including Jeff Daniel, who recently joined us after helping ESPN and FOX Digital build their fantasy platforms. Jeff’s addition gives us another experienced leader who can help us continue to manage and expand all the work we are doing with such a wide array of partners.

As we have said in the past and it continues to be true, we are still just getting started. A recent piece in the Sports Business Journal pointed to the continued growth of casual gaming, an area in which we will be expanding over the next few months. The World Cup and other international events will provide us with some great opportunities to show the versatility of our platform, and we are looking forward to also expanding even more into the entertainment space. We have seen interest growing for games like we are running for Us Weekly and The Rose Ceremony game we just finished with our TV Network partner.

Yes, March is a very crowded and exciting month for the sports and entertainment fan, and we share that excitement from a business perspective. Our recent work has again shown that our model is working and growing, and we know that will continue with more exciting news and new partners in the coming months.

As always thanks for your time and support, and let us know what else we can do to assist you. Enjoy the games!



Kelly Perdew

Mar 15

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-15

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Mar 11

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-11

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Mar 10

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-10

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  • I’m at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) (1 World Way, at Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles) w/ 13 others. #
  • #gdc #EA coo defending playfish purchase #

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Mar 07

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-07

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Mar 03

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-03

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Mar 02

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-02

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Mar 01

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-01

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