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May 30

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

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May 30

RotoHog Highlighted in Gaming/Social Media Article

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Article on game companies are making money in the social media space and RotoHog is in the mix!

May 27

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-27

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  • Anyone else starting to get football fever yet? #

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May 16

Delaware Legalizes Betting on Sporting Events

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NY Times Article Here - How many other states will go for the added revenue and can the Major Leagues stop them?

May 14

RotoHog’s Sports Market Ticker(TM) - Play Fantasy Baseball!

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You can put this Sports Market Ticker(TM) anywhere! Just click “Settings” on the Ticker!

May 08

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-08

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  • Meateaters ball was a lot of people hadn’t seen in a long time. Tim Draper singing! #
  • Wolverine or Gambit? #

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May 08

Manny’s Impact on You Fantasy Baseball Players

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Here is Sean Koerner’s (one of RotoHog’s top fantasy analysts) view of Manny’s impact on fantasy players as a result of his 50-game suspension:

Players who own Manny:

Exchange/Salary Cap – pretty simple…you are going to want to drop him immediately!

H2H league – Don’t Panic. Place Manny onto your bench and don’t take him off until he returns on July 3rd. Hopefully your bench has enough depth where you can place a respectable OF in place of him, if not go scour the list of Free Agent Outfielders and add the best one available. Make sure you take a deep breath before looking at any of the trade offers you may get for Manny, the other owners in your league will be testing you to see just how low cheap you are willing to give him up right now. You are going to have to imitate Manny’s agent Scott Boras and be firm with the other owners and demonstrate that you feel that Manny still has a ton of value. Yes, he will be out for almost 8 weeks, but he will be back in time to produce for your team in the 2nd half of the season and in the playoffs. Speaking of the playoffs, here are a couple of scenarios to consider:

- If the season were to end today and your team were to make the playoffs; go ahead and keep Manny, be patient. Remember that he is suspended (and not injured), so when he returns he will most likely pick up where he left off and help you down the line in the playoffs when it matters most. If may start to slightly slip in the standings, but if you fear your playoff chances are getting more and more grim, you may need to sacrifice Manny to get a quick upgrade for that OF slot.

- If the season were to end today and your team would be out of playoff contention; go ahead and start to get a feel for who you can get for him. Maybe start with players like Adam Dunn (Was - OF) or Ryan Ludwick (STL - OF) and work your way down. It is very important to make it to the playoffs, so you must do everything and anything possible to get there, but it is also important to not give up too much!

Points League – Manny will not be producing any points for the next 8 weeks, so if you don’t have enough depth to sustain that kind of blow, then you might want to consider trading him away. It is important to get a player that would have enough value to start every single day for the rest of the season because that is what you might be missing with Manny being out. A player like Vernon Wells (Tor – OF) or Hunter Pence (Hou – OF) might be the range you can offer Manny for straight up.

Players who don’t own Manny:

-Try to offer ‘buy low’ trades to Manny owners immediately to try to catch them making a panic move. If you can afford to have Manny on your bench, propose straight-up trades for Manny with players playing way over their heads right now (such as Nick Swisher or Adam Lind) and see if you can snag him at a cheap price.

How Manny’s injury affects his teammates:

Orlando Hudson (4th in the NL in runs) will see a decrease in his run production and Andre Either (3rd in the NL in RBI’s) will see a decrease in RBI production. Therefore those 2 players take the biggest hit, but nothing to panic about. As far as Dodger pitchers such as Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw go…yes they will miss Manny’s offensive production, but they will have a better defense behind them without ‘Manny Being Manny’ on the field and can only help their ratios such as ERA and WHIP (walks + hits / innings pitched).

Juan Pierre receives the biggest boost with Manny’s suspension and should be the favorite to fill in for him in LF. Owners who are desperate for steals should pick him up immediately.

May 07

Online Gaming Going to be Legalized Again?

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Looks like it is going to happen:!

How will it impact Fantasy Sports?

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