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Nov 22

Open Letter #7 from Kelly Perdew, CEO, Fastpoint Games (formerly RotoHog)

by Kelly Perdew Fantasy Sports, No Comments

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

’Tis the season for sports, turkey and thanks. On that note, I want to take this opportunity to thank RotoHog’s partners, vendors, investors and employees for contributing to our most productive year ever and share some new and exciting developments.

First, we repositioned the company and will be doing business as Fastpoint Games moving forward. Fastpoint Games is focused on building live, data-driven, multi-platform games for clients to engage, reward and monetize their audience. By leveraging our fantasy sports expertise in developing games around statistics and live scoring, we are able to provide clients gaming solutions around any set of live, structured data to deeply engage, reward and monetize their audiences.

Second, a year ago we set some very aggressive goals for our company: extend our reach to new business sectors, broaden our game offering to include social and casual solutions around any set of structured data, expand our international presence, and streamline our proprietary game platform to deliver quality, scalable and flexible solutions for our clients quickly. I am proud to report that we made significant strides in each of these areas.

• Since launching our new platform, just over a year ago, we have developed and operated an impressive 58 games for 16 clients, across 21 sports and entertainment seasons.

• When I last wrote in June, we had recently launched games for Us Weekly and “The Bachelor.” Since then we delivered casual sports games for Sports Illustrated, Bloomberg Sports, and the Los Angeles Times; extended fantasy sports games to new niche sports including games for UFL and AVP; and, continue our casual game solution for the entertainment sector with a second season of Celebrity Fantasy League and a soon-to-be announced game for the MMO gaming audience.

• We extended our experience and offering in social gaming mechanics; developing and operating several games in Facebook, hi5 and MySpace.

• Since June, we released three games introducing international players to fantasy sports, collectively reaching over one and a half million users across Asia, Latin America and Europe. Games revolved around World Cup and the English Premier League matches.

• We implemented several “best practices” and configurable game formats to streamline our game development process and can move from contract to game delivery in as little as four weeks, without compromising quality.

• In the last two months, we introduced a new syndicated gaming option for independent publishers who desire a turn-key game solution. More than 12 companies have already opted for this model and there are more on the horizon.

• Additionally, the team extended our monetization solutions beyond freemium and premium models to include virtual goods.

While we embrace our heritage and continue to power award-wining fantasy games, we look forward to the exciting challenges ahead as we move onward with this venture and expand our reach to other industries that want to use online games to interact and engage with their customers. Stay tuned for more news about new partnerships, expanded social gaming solutions and further developments in the international market.

As always, thanks for your continued support, it is very much appreciated. If there is anything we can assist with or questions we can answer please do not hesitate to reach out. And I’d love your feedback on our new look and feel at

Kelly Perdew
CEO, Fastpoint Games

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