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Feb 06

Interview in Colorado Newspaper - RotoHog and Kelly Perdew

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Pre-game chat with “The Apprentice” champ Kelly Perdew : Are you ready for some football…and roses?

Colorado Springs Sports Relationships Examiner

Andi Brunetto

January 19, 1:28 PM

MSN Health and Fitness reported yesterday that January 18th is considered by at least one study to be the most depressing day of the year. Is this lag in mood due to the weather, holiday let-down, or could it be something even more vital? It seems quite possible that after a weekend of NFL playoffs, you may be facing the reality that your teams, (both real and fantasy) will not be making it to another week. How can you find solace? The answer is utilizing “the best fantasy sports platform in the world”.
. For serious sports fans, there can never be enough connectivity to your favorite teams, a fact not lost on Kelly Perdew , CEO of an innovative venture Perdew, was generous with his time during our interview, to give insight into this exciting new enterprise.The former Apprentice season two champion, is taking his talents from the boardroom to the electronic playing field, giving everyone a chance to be a head coach or GM. By recognizing the importance of being connected, whether by mobile device, internet or social networking sites such as Facebook- Rotohog is capable of delivering your gaming needs in ways that sports junkies are craving.
Perdew says the decision to start Rotohog was an easy one, “it’s a natural extension of communication. Fans get sports when they want it, where they want it.” In a world where relationships are largely based on technology, this marriage of sports and tech savy is a match made in heaven. But the social dynamic to this sports portal is just as important as getting your adrenaline pumping over your beloved team .
But the fun doesn’t stop at athletics, Rotohog is bringing together the excitement of fantasy sports with the popularity of roses-no, not the Rose Bowl, but ABC’s the Bachelor…Here are some ways to get involved as a couple, so when you are distracted by your favorite pastime, you can avoid hearing Donald’s famous words, “You’re fired!”.
Do some recruiting: If you are in a coupling that revolves around kick-off times, getting involved with fantasy sports can be a great way to get your sweetie interested. There are a lot of girls who enjoy rooting for a team you like, or maybe just think the Colts have better uniforms than the Ravens. No matter what the motivation, ask you girlfriend or wife to cheer on your picks and she’ll probably end up just as hooked on the game as you. But keep in mind there is a trade-off looming…
The Bachelor draft: Ladies who are passionate about The Bachelor on ABC, can now take part in some serious gaming. Hunnies already have a girl version of a tailgate- getting together to watch Jake Pavelka narrow down his dating pool, while being with friends sipping wine and eating tapas. But don’t let this scenario fool you; there is some hardcore yelling at the TV if Jake doesn’t pick your girl’s favorite contestant. Well now you can be involved in this process via Rotohog has a Rose Ceremony prediction game featured on the website. You become the matchmaker and what’s even better, is as you accumulate points by playing often, you have a greater chance at winning the Grand Prize: a trip for two to St. Lucia.
In the huddle: Perdew, not only a success in business but a family man as well, has some good advice for men who get involved with the fantasy sports boom. In his personal fantasy league, that he has been a part of for years, there is an annual tradition- “the champion of the season gets a trophy, it’s a large mouth bass mounted on a plaque and it must be displayed prominently. For the last two years, it has been in our living room, so some advice is to really be nice to your wife. Take out the trash more often at least!”

By supporting each other’s passions, whether it’s cheering for Perdew’s favorite team ,the Broncos or picking who the Bachelor should send home, you will have a happy coupling and maybe even win some sweet prizes. Kelly hopes next year the Broncos will get some more points on the board, develop a more effective offense and keep the Orange Crush together- but as he modestly states, “ I’m only a fantasy coach”. In any case Rotohog is onto a great way to game with the one you love, while meshing the worlds of tailgating and fantasy dates. This exciting new activity is sure to boost your happiness levels, and before you know it, you may be wearing that Orton jersey while watching Monday night Bachelor.


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