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Apr 15

Open Letter from Kelly Perdew, CEO, RotoHog

by Kelly Perdew Entrepreneur, Fantasy Sports, Leadership,, Sports, Sports Market Ticker

April 14, 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope you are doing well as baseball gets into full swing, the fantasy volleyball season begins and the NFL Draft starts getting hyped up. One thing we can say is that sports, although not recession-proof, continue to provide great entertainment and value for consumers, and that the fantasy and digital activation space today is what baseball cards and board games were for earlier generations.

For those of you who know me, you know how much I enjoy all the challenges of a start-up. I think that RotoHog and our recent work exemplify both the challenges and the successes of what can be accomplished in this sector. Below is a brief update of some of the success our team has accomplished in recent months, as we transitioned from being just an online fantasy game company to a brand that provides the best B2B platform for fantasy games and tools for providers in the space.

In the last few months RotoHog has:

1. Created an exciting NFL Playoff game for to launch their Super Bowl advertising platform, using Facebook as the driver.
2. Created the first-ever Spanish language baseball Stock Exchange game for Fox Sports En Espanol.
3. Implemented two very successful fantasy games for, including our flagship product, the NBA Stock Exchange game. As part of this delivery we integrated with Turner Digital’s back end systems and provided a seamless single sign-on for fans.
4. Launched a first-of-its-kind fantasy game for AVP Pro Beach Volleyball on
5. Secured a partnership with Gatehouse Media to work with them on fantasy programming across all of their publications, including Pro Football Weekly.
6. Created a World Cup Soccer 2010 Qualifier Game on Facebook.
7. Opened a branded ticket shop with RazorGator, providing our partners with yet another opportunity to monetize within our customized fantasy games.
8. Launched our Sports Market Ticker™, an application that supplies fans with the derivative data from our stock exchange games just like a real stock ticker – player pricing movements, transaction volumes, etc… — for all the players in that sport league.
9. Successfully implemented a major integrated sponsorship with LG Electronics on our fantasy football stock exchange game.
10. Recruited the best technology and product team in the space made up of experts from the Gaming and Platform industries. Our platform offers multiple types of fantasy games that are easily adapted to different sports and brands with modular components to facilitate integration with partner web sites and international audiences. The technology is further designed for high reliability and scalability in a cost effective manner by using state-of-the art hardware and software development, deployment and operations technologies.
11. Secured an additional $2 Million in funding that will keep our business growing and thriving as we add new partners.
12. Re-branded and launched our B2B corporate site where you can track all of our progress at

We are also honored to have been selected last week as one of the top 100 emerging companies in digital entertainment and the winner of the “Enabling Tools” category by the AlwaysOn Network. RotoHog beat out over 500 other companies to win the category in its first year of entry.

What I am hoping is that the success we have had with RotoHog is really a sign of both the economy turning around and the acknowledgement by the business community of what many have been saying for the past few years…that the ability to create efficient, monetizable platforms in the digital space, and then marry those platforms to major distribution partners is where the sports and entertainment world is going in order to connect with its fervent fan base.

All this is great news for our company, but we are just getting started and will continue to take an even bigger leadership position in the industry in the coming months, with new partnerships and more innovative deals. We want to thank you for your support and interest, and as always, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.



Kelly Perdew
CEO, RotoHog

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