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Jun 25

Sail Through Cancer Foundation throws star-studded bash

by Kelly Perdew Apprentice, Charity

Movie and television stars and writers, rap music stars and beauty queens attended A Pair-A-Dice in Paradise Celebrity Casino & Charity Night held on June 13th at the Crevier Classic Car Museum in Costa Mesa, California. Guests caroused amidst dozens of vintage Packards, Cadillacs, Roadsters, Rolls Royce and other automotive ‘greats.’ The popular reggae-funk group Better Chemistry donated their sounds all night for energetic dancers. Professional dealers kept the dice and cards hot for those who were not busy over in the Karaoke corner or hanging with the stars in the VIP lounge.

The Sail Through Cancer Foundation’s mission is to support cancer survivors, particularly children, and have a voice in the reform of America’s war on cancer. One of Sail Through Cancer’s mandates is to connect cancer patients and survivors with boat owners who offer to take them out on the water for a day outing to get away from the rigors of their illness and the affects of its debilitating treatment.

Anyone can help this charitable cause by buying our book, Manning Up In Alaska ( Those who are suffering or who have a loved one or friend undergoing the rigors of cancer – boaters and landlubbers, alike – are urged to visit

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  1. Erin Shmalo says:

    How awesome! I love this!

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